Contraz is a group of creative computer enthusiasts using our computers for creating different kinds of digital art mainly the kind called demos. This makes us a part of the demoscene.

Our members include programmers, graphic artists, 3D modellers, musicians and more. We have been known as Contraz since 1995 but some of us began creating demos under other labels as early as in 1990.

We started out on the Amiga platform but nowadays we're mainly working with PCs (Windows and Linux) and Macs. But actually we'll use what ever platform that gets the job done. It might be a cellphone, a C64, an Amiga 500… what ever.

A lot of people have come and gone through the years, but the current active members have been a part of Contraz since the early days. They are..

handle: Bin
name: Frode Ulsund
function: Music
handle: Dran
name: Erik Nordby
function: Code, graphics
handle: Enex
name: Einar Forselv
function: Code
handle: Phlaton
name: Jon Wegard Eriksen
function: Code
handle: Zelow
name: Martin Zelow Lundquist
function: Code